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Each package contains two panels with the following measurements:

Panel Height: 94.49” (240cm)
Panel Width: 23.62” (60cm)

Weight: 39.68 lb per box.

Upon shipment, you will receive an email notification containing a tracking number for your order's status. Tracking information typically becomes available within 48 hours of this notification. If your order doesn't arrive within 5 business days of receiving the delivery confirmation email, please get in touch with us at [email protected] with your name and order number for immediate assistance.

Yes, you can obtain a sample box by clicking here.

You have a 30-day window from delivery to return any unused Wall Terra acoustic wood wall panels. 

When installing with batons, you can incorporate sound insulation materials like mineral wool within the gaps, further enhancing sound absorption properties. 

Certainly, the panels can accommodate hiding wires.

The panels are designed with exposed edges. When cut through the slats, the interior colour matches the rest of the panels, ensuring a seamless appearance.

The consistent source of wood ensures a consistent look, although natural variations like knots, slight cracks, and colour differences can occur due to the natural nature of the wood. 

The panels are versatile and can be installed on a variety of surfaces, such as brick, concrete, and plasterboard.

The acoustic panels are provided unfinished, allowing you to choose your desired finish. We recommend applying oil, wax, lacquer, or varnish to protect the wood while enhancing its natural grain and colour. 

Our panels are well-suited for these spaces if they're not directly exposed to water. We recommend applying a water-resistant finish to the front of the slats to safeguard them against moisture and humidity.

Yes, we can produce panels in custom sizes up to 10 feet in length. These are available as special orders and require a minimum quantity. The production timeline for custom-sized panels can be up to 2 months. For more information about special orders, including minimum quantities and specific requirements, please use the 'Contact Us' form on our site. We're here to assist you in tailoring our products to your unique needs.

In-stock products are typically shipped the same or the next business day and delivered within 2-4 business days for most provinces. You can view the estimated delivery time during the checkout.

The WallTerra acoustic wood wall panels are designed exclusively for indoor applications.

Adapting the panels to fit around objects is straightforward. The slats can be cut widthwise using a saw, and the felt can be cut lengthwise with a sharp blade, enabling you to customize the fit around any items on your surface. 

The panels are available in a single size, but they can be interconnected both horizontally and vertically to achieve your desired dimensions.

Longer sizes up to 10ft are available as a special order.

Our warehouse, located at 51 Caldari Rd., Unit A-7, Concord, ON, L4K4N8, Canada, serves exclusively for order pickups. Please be aware that we do not have a showroom. You may pick up your order only after receiving a confirmation email and if you have selected the 'local pickup' option during checkout.

Once your order is prepared, we'll send you an email confirming that it's ready for pickup. Typically, orders are ready the next business day, but in many cases, if you order before noon, it might be available for same-day pickup. Please wait for our confirmation email before heading to the warehouse to ensure your order is ready and waiting for you.

Each of our wood slats is unique due to the natural characteristics of wood veneer. Since no two cuts of wood are identical, each veneer layer showcases a distinct pattern and grain. This natural variation ensures that every panel we produce has its own unique appearance, adding to the beauty and authenticity of the product.

Our team typically processes refunds for sample boxes automatically when you place an order for panels. However, if you haven't received your refund yet, please reach out to us through the contact form on our website, and we'll promptly arrange it for you. Please note that refunds for sample boxes are only available to customers who have purchased both the samples and the panels. We are unable to offer a refund for sample boxes if a panel purchase has not been made.

Absolutely! While our panels do not come with a pre-applied finish, you have the flexibility to apply one yourself. For our walnut panels, we particularly recommend a varnish finish. Varnish not only enhances the wood's natural beauty and grain but also provides robust protection against moisture and wear, making it ideal for the durability and preservation of walnut. If you prefer a more natural look, an oil finish is also a great option, as it penetrates the wood to highlight its color and texture.

Recording the delivery and unpacking is required by our delivery provider in case of insurance claims. This video is crucial for documenting the condition of your order upon arrival, helping us address any issues effectively with the provider. We appreciate your assistance in capturing this process.

Yes, our panels are well-suited for ceiling installations. Ensuring safety is crucial, so we recommend firmly attaching the panels to the ceiling joists using screws. If you're installing the panels parallel to the joists, adding battens to the ceiling can provide a stable base for mounting. The most effective approach for ceiling installations is to use a screw-fastening method.

WallTerra wall panels are designed with flexibility and durability, thanks to their acoustic felt backing, making them ideal for vertical installations on both concave and convex surfaces. For curved wall applications, we suggest a minimum radius of 3 feet. To ensure the best fit for your specific project, please share images of your space with us for an expert evaluation.

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