Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

2 panels per box - 31 sq. ft. total coverage,

15.5 sq.ft. (1.44m²) per panel - full measurements

$175.50 $195 / panel $11.32 /sq.ft.
Natural Oak (Grey Felt) - SKU 2158
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Panel measurements
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Package Information:
Panels in Package: 2
Package Coverage: 31 sq.ft (2.88 m2)
Package Weight: 39.68 lbs. (18 kg)
Panel Dimensions:
Panel Coverage: 15.5 sq.ft (1.44 m2)
Panel Height: 94.49” (240 cm)
Panel Width: 23.62” (60 cm)
Panel Depth:0.74” (19 mm)
Panel Weight:19.84 lbs. (9 kg)
Slat Width:1.06” (27 mm)
Slat Depth:0.39” (10 mm)
Width Between Slats:0.51” (13 mm)

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Acoustic slat wall panels in Natural Oak on Grey Felt

Have you ever wanted a space where nature's warmth and modern elegance intertwine? WallTerra's acoustic slat wall panels in Natural Oak on Grey Felt are just that - a harmonious fusion of the rustic charm of natural oak with the chic sophistication of grey felt. It's a design choice that speaks of both tradition and contemporary flair, effortlessly elevating any room with its serene beauty. 

The soothing hue of Natural Oak on Grey Felt wall panels

Our acoustic slat panels in Natural Oak on Grey Felt offer a chic color style that brings a calming yet refined atmosphere to any room. The warm tones of natural oak beautifully contrast with the contemporary grey felt, creating a visually stunning and serene environment.

Experience enhanced acoustic quality with these slat wall panels

Slat wall panels are not just about aesthetics; they're designed to enhance your space's acoustic quality. Felt, used in our WallTerra panels, efficiently dampens sound with its dense structure and recycled plastic backing, achieving a "Sound Class A" rating.

Wall panels that speak of quality and elegance

WallTerra’s wall panels, especially the acoustic slat panels in Natural Oak on Grey Felt, offer versatility in design and application. These panels are ideal for adding a touch of European flair to any interior, be it your home or office space.

Wooden slat wall: A synthesis of minimalism and function

Embrace the timeless beauty of wooden slat wall panels. Each panel is a nod to the elegant simplicity of European design, perfect for those seeking a blend of classic charm and modern style in their interiors.

Buy acoustic slat wall panels: Value and quality combined

Choose WallTerra for an investment in quality and value. When you buy WallTerra’s acoustic slat panel in Natural Oak on Grey Felt, you get the best of both worlds: premium quality and reasonable pricing, ensuring you don't have to compromise on your design dreams.
Acoustic panels

Made in Europe

WallTerra acoustic panels offer a modern and beautiful solution for creating the desired visual aesthetics. Our thorough veneer selection results in small fissures and subtle folds, giving our acoustic panels a natural and pleasing appearance.

These acoustic panels are great for places plagued by resonance and can be used in any room. The modern acoustic filter, made of processed plastic, effectively collects and absorbs sound waves, limiting their reflection within enclosed spaces. This complete technique significantly reduces total sound levels, considerably reducing auditory problems.

We are the exclusive and sole authorized representative of Nordeca in North America.

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Class A Sound Test

Elevate your environment with our impactful panels. Covering a frequency range from 300 Hz to 2000 Hz, they effectively eliminate undesired sounds, enveloping high and low musical tones. Witness the transformation in our sound assessment, featuring panels mounted on a 45mm strip supported by mineral wool.
Tailored for residences, workplaces, and dining establishments, our panels curate an enjoyable auditory atmosphere that enriches comfort and amplifies efficiency.

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We prioritize environmental responsibility. We are committed to using recycled materials in both our panel composition and factory processes.

The backing of our acoustic panels, made from felt, is crafted using recycled plastic bottles. By giving new life to these materials, we reduce waste and promote a more sustainable future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each package contains two panels with the following measurements:

Panel Height: 94.49” (240cm)
Panel Width: 23.62” (60cm)

Weight: 39.68 lb per box.

The panels are available in a single size, but they can be interconnected both horizontally and vertically to achieve your desired dimensions.

Longer sizes up to 10ft are available as a special order.

Yes, we can produce panels in custom sizes up to 10 feet in length. These are available as special orders and require a minimum quantity. The production timeline for custom-sized panels can be up to 2 months. For more information about special orders, including minimum quantities and specific requirements, please use the 'Contact Us' form on our site. We're here to assist you in tailoring our products to your unique needs.

The WallTerra acoustic wood wall panels are designed exclusively for indoor applications.

In-stock products are typically shipped the same or the next business day and delivered within 2-4 business days for most provinces. You can view the estimated delivery time during the checkout.

Our panels are well-suited for these spaces if they're not directly exposed to water. We recommend applying a water-resistant finish to the front of the slats to safeguard them against moisture and humidity.

The consistent source of wood ensures a consistent look, although natural variations like knots, slight cracks, and colour differences can occur due to the natural nature of the wood. 

Adapting the panels to fit around objects is straightforward. The slats can be cut widthwise using a saw, and the felt can be cut lengthwise with a sharp blade, enabling you to customize the fit around any items on your surface. 

The panels are versatile and can be installed on a variety of surfaces, such as brick, concrete, and plasterboard.

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